Don't let just anyone label you.

We embraced the name Affinity for a reason – our solutions establish rapport between brands and customers. Striking presentation gives purpose to a concept – sets it apart. And that's why you're here right? With time–tested savvy and a client–centered outlook, you can see why Shakespeare once said of us "though they be but little, they are fierce." You've made a killer product, now together we can make it unforgettable because, let's face it, appearances are everything.

We get it. You don't need anyone re-writing your story – it's what makes you so very un-ordinary. Which is why we believe conveying your YOU–ness effectively is the surest way to building a brand with staying power. We're also committed to collaboration, efficiency, and being nice. Because the best products begin, not as a vision, but as a fragment, a scribble on a napkin, or an unfinished thought. We're here to help you translate the intangible into, well, something you can pick up and pour into a glass.

Strategy Matters

Director of Strategy Ed Rice explains why good brand packaging is so much more than colors, fonts, and die-cuts.

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Appearances are everything.

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