Your story, in 9 square inches.

You’re a pro, you can pronounce Gewürztraminer like it's your middle name. Which means you don’t need any more convincing from us, and that's why we're letting our work do most of the talking. You'll notice that we deliver our best design to every brand we take on, no matter where they fall on the notoriety spectrum. It takes dedication and a touch of finesse to say that much on only 9 square inches.

Some of our Finest Work

Ménage à Trois Midnight

The Nation’s Hottest Red Blend

Flora Springs

Revitalizing a Legacy


A hybrid for modern sensibilities.

Crystal Geyser

A Refreshing Brand Update

1000 Stories

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine


A heavyweight contender in the light beer category.

TapRoom No.21

Craft beer for all of us.

“Affinity has been a great discovery for us at Fetzer Vineyards. The creativity, design style and precision in their work aligned perfectly with our strategy, which resulted in the development of one of our most successful innovations to the USA wine market.”

- Rodrigo Maturana

Marketing Director at Fetzer Vineyards

A Few More Projects for Your Viewing

Flora Springs Core Tier

Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc & Pinot Grigio

    Flora Springs Core Tier


    Sauvignon Blanc


      Affinity worked closely with the proprietors of Flora Springs in developing a Sauvignon Blanc brand presentation to companion appropriately with Trilogy, the iconic red blend. The stately elegant label and distinctive glass structure speaks to the outstanding quality of the wine within. This new look underscores the wine’s unique sourcing from the Soliloquy Vineyard in the heart of the famed Oakville appellation and clearly indicates this is a Sauvignon Blanc unlike any other.


      Red Wine


        Using care and craftsmanship, Affinity elevated branding and design for the highly regarded signature wine of Flora Springs. Now, the label truly projects and reflects the amazing award-winning artisan wine that lies within. The visual and sensorial effect is compelling, convincing and helps confirm why this wine is worth every penny.

        1000 Stories


          1000 Stories

          A wine for bourbon drinkers. 1000 Stories emphasizes authenticity while encouraging consumers to make and share stories while enjoying wine.

          Robert Mondavi Spotlight Collection


            Robert Mondavi Spotlight Collection

            The Spotlight Collection is a relevant and reverent representation of the singular experience at the iconic Robert Mondavi winery in Oakville California. Available exclusively at the winery, its understated design exudes all the confidence, commitment and excellence a visitor takes in after stopping at the legendary landmark of California winemaking.

            Ménage à Trois

            Dark Red Blend

              Ménage à Trois

              Midnight is the #1 wine in the red blend category. We crafted a label equally as impressive with high attention to detail and an emphasis on slight nuances. After all, design is in the details.

              Columbia Crest

              Limited Edition

                The Columbia Crest Limited Edition Bottle was introduced to the market as a “halo” SKU to attract more interest to the mainstream brand. The goal of the package was the retain core equities while utilizing distinct graphics to queue a more specialized product.

                Gnarly Head


                  Gnarly Head Black is a darker, richer, bolder offset to the core red blend and the purpose behind the package was to quickly communicate those attributes through imagery.

                  KZ Cellars


                    KZ Cellars is a small, central coast, luxury winery that came to us for their very first bottling. We helped them create a “fresh classic” brand identity and extend it to their packaging. Our sleek and sexy package lent itself perfectly to their ultra-priced exclusive wine.

                    La Merika

                    Pinot Noir

                      National brand La Merika came to us to do a line extension and package update. Design is in the details and sometimes it’s the smallest of changes that hit’s home with consumers. Their new package helps convey a higher price point and modernize the brand to target a younger audience.


                      Cabernet Sauvignon

                        Milestone came to Affinity with the hope of increasing visibility on shelf while maintaining a unisex appeal. We made minimal design changes but used our printing expertise to ensure maximum impact by adding visual dimensionality through embossing techniques.



                          This evolutionary update to Michelle Brut capitalized on current trends in the sparkling category and helped the brand modernize and justify a premium price point.

                          Pop Crush


                            Originally launched as a Target -only brand, Pop Crush soon moved to broader distribution due to in-market success. After having designed the original brand Pop Crush asked turned to Affinity to do the sparkling line extension.



                              The challenge of labeling the Rex Goliath Sangria line extension was to maintain core brand imagery and tone while clearly communicating a unique product with vibrant flavors and personality.

                              Rodney Strong

                              Sonoma Coast

                                Through careful use of design elements and color treatments Affinity helped Rodney Strong increase tiering and price communication of the Sonoma Coast line.

                                Print Production Matters

                                What makes Affinity different you ask? This guy. Allen is "the wizard" and his print production expertise is an invaluable part of our offering.

                                Sure, we’re a little biased.

                                So, don’t take our word for it.

                                Rodrigo Maturana

                                Marketing Director at Fetzer

                                "The Affinity group has been a great discovery for us at Fetzer Vineyards. The creativity, design style and precision in their work aligned perfect with our strategy, which resulted in the development of one of our most successful innovations to the USA wine market."

                                Andrew Rice

                                Creative Director at Trinchero Family Estates

                                "For me, Affinity is different than other design firms… their years of category experience comes out in the creative. There is this strong sense of trust that exists between us. I know that the work will be on-target for the assignment at hand and perhaps it's the creative in me, but our relationship seems very collaborative. I enjoy our meetings because we all contribute equally. As the client, we feel confident leaving a meeting because the communication was on point and strategic.

                                "Overall the team is creative, accommodating and a joy to work with."

                                Anne Gustafson

                                Creative Director at Winery Exchange

                                "I am so pleased to have Affinity Creative as one of our brand-building partners, they consistently over deliver on executing top-notch creative, and do so usually with insanely short timelines."

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