Trinchero’s Stylish Italian, Avissi, Takes Top Honors for a Sexy Makeover Tailored by Affinity Creative Group

Avissi Prosecco Sparkling Wine from Trinchero Family Estates was announced a winner in the 2019 San Francisco International Wine Label Design Competition for its newly designed ‘wardrobe.’ Affinity Creative Group, the branding, retail, and digital agency based on Mare Island, California, gave the bubbly brand a sexy package-design makeover that caught the attention and admiration from the show’s prestigious panel of judges.

Trinchero, in pursuit of a greater market share of the dynamic yet highly competitive Prosecco category, recognized their existing brand and packaging design was nowhere close to communicating ‘la dolce vita.’ So Affinity Creative Group was given the assignment to develop a luxury-laden, eye-catching, Prosecco package with just the right amount of Italian pizzazz. The goal was to look authentically Italian while projecting a modern image, one that would stand out in an increasingly crowded field, all while conveying a sense of excitement and projecting a celebratory, luxurious image.

Affinity’s design, inspired by an Italian ceramic tile, completely re-imagines the brand, resulting in a luxury label design presentation that the judges found hard to ignore. The new Avissi typography is modern and current yet classic and timeless. This bold, embossed logo on a matte-silver background provides crisp brand registration and a strong shelf impact. The viewer’s attention is drawn to the label via clever use of a distinctive border treatment, unique geometric patterns, and a refreshing color palette. 

The outcome is an award-winning, ultra-premium prosecco package that feels authentic, looks sexy, and says, ‘Ciao Bello!’ This is one stylish Italian you’ll want to take to brunch.

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus, (two mansions and a bungalow), along historic officer’s row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media and retail activation marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits and other luxury categories. The most experienced team in the business, staffed with knowledgeable industry professionals, provide strategic, creative and effective solutions that attract attention, spark interest and win customer loyalty in tasting rooms, on premise and at retail venues across the country and around the globe. Affinity helps clients of all sizes connect with consumers at the early, essential moments of contact, or points of ‘brand touch’ through the intelligent use of creativity, captivating storytelling, and flawless implementation. 
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