Younger Generations are asking more from wine brands. Surprised?

From what’s on the front to what’s inside, the younger generations are being more articulate (and opinionated) when it comes to their choice of vino. This ultimate choice on the consumer’s end stems from a wine brands perception online and instore that can make or break their path to purchase.

The gold-standards throughout the years, however, have not changed much. Colorful, ornate, and eye-catching design will always draw the consumer in, and as younger generations start to adopt new palates and habits they will start to notice things about their drinks of choice that they may not have considered at an earlier point in life.

Our team believes in the power of design and how it can influence consumer’s opinions both online and in-store, and we’re not the only ones who think this way. Check out what Quartz has to say about this topic and what specific triggers get the young-in’s off of Netflix and into the grocery store.

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