Crafting the Future of Digital Experiences


Admit it — everyone’s guilty of having fantasized over owning their own personal magic lamp to fulfill their heart’s deepest desires. It just so happens this is one case where science isn’t that far from fiction. An all-new venture into smart technology, Genie knows how to book flights, haircuts, movies, and order carry-out on a single command. We crafted a brand identity befitting the ultimate smart technology...We dream of Genie, do you?

Step One


This project started with the pretense to completely radicalize the ways in which humans interact with technology. Telling a phone what to do is not a new technology, but being able to create, plan, edit, and guide a user through their day-to-day activities is something that goes beyond the factory grade smartphone. Enter Genie.

Step Two


Designing the ideal app for such a broad technologically-savvy demographic really put our design strategy into perspective. Our team paid close attention to the clean type and intergalactic vibe to stay true to the future of digital experiences theme. A dark color scheme, clean white type, and ease of navigation makes Genie not only user friendly, but user focused.

Step Three


The key success behind Genie lies within its code DNA — its ability to output explanations and recommend solutions based on whatever question the user asks. When trying to predict the future of our digital landscape, the question isn’t necessarily what can we do for technology, but what can it do for you?

Piece of cake
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