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about us

We are a culture of creatives from all walks of life united by our commitment to the meaningfully aesthetic. Because this belief permeates our lives, it also defines our work. We also share a common love of coffee. Guess we just got lucky that way.

Retail & Promotion

Engaging consumers and moving product at retail through custom integrated programs and award-winning (but actually) product displays.

Digital Media
& Video

Shaping brands online through stunning web experiences, strategic digital marketing, and custom content. Don’t just take our word for it… look around.

& Packaging

Strategically crafting brand identity, design architecture, and customized packaging systems. Translation: a lot of big words for “we create your look.”

  • Brand & Packaging

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  • Digital Media & Video

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  • Retail & Promotion

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We connect brands with their audiences through beautifully designed experiences. We are Affinity Creative Group and we’re glad you’re here.

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