Affinity Creative Group Debuts Springs for Life Website


MARE ISLAND, CA – Springs for Life is a partnership between Pacific Forest Trust and a group of companies – Crystal Geyser, Harney & Sons, and Affinity Creative Group – committed to protecting and restoring critical forested headwaters where pure, natural springs are sources of drinking water for people across the USA. From permanently protecting our critical source springs to conserving whole watersheds and working tirelessly to restore healthy, fire-resilient forests, Springs for Life works tirelessly to protect our natural resources.

As one of its trusted partners, Affinity Creative Group was the natural choice to create the new Springs For Life website pro bono.

Pacific Forest Trust envisioned a website that would both educate and delight visitors and showcase the natural grandeur of California’s forested watersheds. With that in mind, Affinity shot stunning video and still photography at Black Butte Spring and Burney Falls, both important natural water sources in Northern California.

Production then moved to a nearby farm to capture agricultural and irrigation scenes, which illustrate California farmers’ reliance on constant access to fresh water and highlight the vital connection between farmers and our food sources.

“Affinity Creative Group is an incredible agency to work with and one of our most valued resources. With a clear strategy, compelling design, seamless functionality, and dynamic visuals—this project surpassed our expectations in every regard. Not only was the work first-rate, but we’re also filled with gratitude to have a partner that believes in the value of our work and so generously donated their considerable time and resources to help us tell our story in the digital space. It is a gift to work with such talented people who want to also make the world a better place through their work.” – Connie Best, Co-founder, Pacific Forest Trust.

About Springs For Life: Springs for Life is an alliance between Pacific Forest Trust and the companies that are committed to restoring and protecting our most precious resource: The critical forested headwaters where natural, pure drinking water is sourced. Visit for more information.

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus, along historic officer’s row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media, and retail activation marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits, and other luxury categories. For more information about Affinity Creative Group, please visit: or call 707.562.2787.

Media Contact: Carolyn Schwartz, Marketing Manager, carolyn[AT]

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