Affinity Creative Builds Buzz for KYLA’s new Riviera Cocktail Series

MARE ISLAND, CA – So, you have a great tasting product with a cool looking label, but how do you get the attention (and sales) you deserve in a hyper-crowded marketplace? That’s where your ‘Key Brand Visual’ comes into play.

“A ‘Key Brand Visual’ is a graphic expression that conveys your brand message to the public,” says Cynthia Sterling, Creative Director at Affinity Creative Group. Sterling continues, “A good example is the work we developed for the KYLA Riviera Cocktail Series. We introduced Riviera with an evocative seaside landscape, creating a sophisticated mood for this range of premium canned cocktails with a ‘better for you’ twist: the added benefit of probiotics and artisanal flavor profiles.”

In preparation for the Riviera Series launch, the team at KYLA engaged Affinity’s visual and verbal branding expertise to develop a range of ‘Key Brand Visuals’ for market launch, along with a supporting ‘Brand Tool Kit’ to spark interest from the trade, generate consumer excitement and motivate purchase.

A colorful, custom illustration was ultimately crafted, in collaboration with the KYLA team, for its summer escapist vibe. With a look and feel reminiscent of the Riviera, it’s inviting, transformative, and appealing to consumers. 

Once Affinity determined the product line’s ‘Key Brand Visual,’ the creative agency developed a set of unique, custom illustrations for each of the four flavors to ensure versatility and flexibility. The graphic depictions of each cocktail-in-a-can cleverly use a cast shadow shaped like a cocktail glass, hinting at the live probiotics included with the intriguing flavor riffs on classic cocktail culture. 

Affinity next adapted the branding elements to all essential points in the customer journey. The agency assembled a ‘brand tool kit’ to include a website splash page, individual product pages, floor case stack display, shelf talker, cold box cling, sales brochure, and imaginative branded merchandise. 

President of KYLA, Morgan Robbat, remarked, “The Affinity Creative team focused on capturing the true essence and spirit of the Riviera Cocktail Series. Using vibrant imagery and language, Affinity captured and embodied our unique offerings, completely elevating the KYLA cocktail experience to an artisanal level.”

Jeff West, Marketing Manager at KYLA, added, “Every time we collaborate, Affinity Creative demonstrates a great sense of partnership, delivering with flawless execution. Their visual expressions speak for themselves, elevating the product offerings and taking our marketing efforts to the next level. The brilliant look and feel of KYLA’s Riviera Series perfectly conveys the brand’s spin on classic cocktail culture with a modern twist.”

About KYLA:  KYLA is a pioneer in the hard kombucha and better-for-you beverage categories. As the only major hard kombucha brand based in the Pacific Northwest, KYLA’s hard kombuchas and brewed cane sugar-based cocktails are set apart by the use of pure Mt. Hood spring water, a bespoke SCOBY, and organic ingredients, producing clean, refreshing beverages with modern, multi-dimensional flavor combinations. In March 2021, KYLA launched its innovative Riviera series, a range of craft-brewed cocktails with live cultures, in a shelf-stable and convenient ready-to-drink format. Gluten free, vegan, and with live cultures, KYLA is a buzz with benefits. Engage with KYLA on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter or visit

About Affinity Creative Group:  From our unique creative campus, along historic officer’s row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides brand design, digital media, and retail activation marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits, and other luxury categories.

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