Affinity Creative Group gets ‘Dirty Minded’ for Raventós Codorníu


MARE ISLAND, CA – Are you a ‘Dirty Minded’ wine drinker? Raventós Codorníu certainly hopes so. This global and historic producer of fine wines engaged Affinity Creative Group to devise and develop an eyebrow-raising and distinctively differentiating name, positioning, and package design for their latest California grown wine label.

So, why ‘Dirty Minded’? Simply put, dirt matters. The natural soil processes working beneath the surface of the earth, enrich and invigorate our vineyards in myriad ways that we’re only now just beginning to understand. This realization goes beyond the concept of terroir—it’s recognizing there is a complex ecosystem of interconnected elements, organisms, and other factors of positive influence on the rootstocks, the vines, and the fruit, which ultimately result in producing an outstanding wine drinking experience.

The Raventós Codorníu California leadership team intended to project an attention-getting, modern positioning, and essence for this new-to-world brand. Given Millennials and Gen Z penchant for honoring the environment, this focus on the importance of the soil, along with a fun, memorable, and cheeky brand name, forms the perfect expression for this new wine.

The Affinity team developed the brand positioning, name, and essence simultaneously in a series of collaborative client work sessions. After numerous rounds, Affinity generated “Dirty Minded,” which was boldly embraced by the client as not only underscoring the concept but also serving as an edgy and clever double entendre.

The name is accompanied by a striking and distinct design, with bold abstract shapes that form an alluring silhouette. Affinity’s use of vibrant colors not only cue varietal selection—they subtly relate to the brand owners’ Barcelona heritage. They also deliver a strong shelf impact with a distinctive brand presence. The design is unapologetically contemporary, supporting a classic black brandmark with gold drop shadow, silkscreened and embossed.

Mike Jackson, President, North America at Raventós Codorníu, remarked on the outcome, “We couldn’t be more pleased with the result from the Affinity team. They really listened and delivered the perfect balance between classic and edgy with maximum shelf presence. They saw our project through every step of the way––from our first initial kick-off meeting to the final label printing press check.”

Dirty Minded 2020 Sauvignon Blanc, which retails at $14.99, is now available at retailers across the U.S., with Cabernet Sauvignon set to hit shelves in May.

About Raventós Codorníu: This firm is the oldest company in Spain and the 17th oldest in the world. It is based and founded near Barcelona in the town of Sant Sadurni D’Anoia, and has more than 460 years of winemaking history dating to 1551. Raventós Codorniu has since grown to include emblematic wineries in the top regions of Spain, Argentina, and California. For more information about Raventós Codorníu, please visit:

About Affinity Creative Group: From our unique creative campus along historic officer’s row on Mare Island, California, Affinity Creative Group provides strategic, distinctive, and effective brand design, digital media, and retail activation marketing services, particularly for wine, spirits, and other luxury categories. Affinity helps clients of all sizes connect with consumers at the early, essential moments of contact or points of ‘brand touch.’ For more information about Affinity Creative Group, please visit: or call 707.562.2787.

Media Contact: Carolyn Schwartz, Marketing Manager, carolyn[AT]

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