Delicato Family Wines launches a new corporate website designed by Affinity Creative Group

Affinity Creative Group is honored to be associated with the launch of a new corporate website for Delicato Family Wines. The top 10 producer’s new online home is a groundbreaking digital experience for the wine category, utilizing innovative navigation and striking content that delivers a gorgeous, edge-to-edge, user experience.

Every aspect of the client site was conceived, built and delivered by Affinity Creative Group, a brand design, digital media and retail activation agency based on Mare Island, California. Program scope included Web Design, Front and Back End Development, Videography, and Product/Lifestyle Photography.

As anyone that has established a website can attest, it is no easy task. Affinity believes constraints, conflicts, and deadlines often spur some of the most clever strategies, which in turn, lead to unique, imaginative, and dynamic creative solutions. This project is proof.

Due to a short timeline, Affinity’s development and design team worked concurrently with content creators and brand asset designers.  All while actively addressing client communications, directions and shifting priorities.

Copious amounts of hard work, sleepless nights and generous doses of caffeine, along with supportive client collaboration and encouragement, has resulted in a corporate web site you actually want to visit, engage and experience.

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