The Nielsen Design Impact Award

Designing with your audience’s mind! (I mean, with your audience in mind).

Dieline Awards

Companies know that market research and brand success go hand-in-hand, and whether that project is for a brand refresh or a product launch the folks at Nielsen understand how agencies like us need this data to quantify and validate our design success. This is the exact necessity to which The Nielsen Design Impact Award took hold last year, and since its launch it has attracted agencies of all sizes to submit their data and packaging designs for the competition.

The Dieline article goes more in-depth in terms of how winners are selected based on several consumer-focused categories, all of which rely heavily on “exploring how people consume content and uncovering what attracts them to make a purchase.”

Affinity has worked with Nielsen on a number of projects, and this year we have the opportunity to submit both our King Estate 25th Anniversary design and our Robert Mondavi Private Selection label into the competition. We will continue to post updates to our blog as the winners are announced!

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