Verve Rebrand

Great coffee, even better packaging!

The Dieline

Ask any devoted packaging nerd and they will tell you about their favorite articles from The Dieline. So naturally when we opened our inboxes to see their report on the Verve packaging update, we pinned this article on our ‘inspo’ boards faster thanyou can say “damn that’s a good cup of joe!”

Over a decade into their story, Verve founders Ryan and Colby decided to approach their brand aesthetic from a different perspective. “We worked to create a communication strategy and color palette that felt true to the brand, while at the same time building a visual language that was purposeful and easy to understand.” This sentiment is one that ripples across all brands and agencies in the CPG market: they want to find the perfect intersection where consumer interest and the brand meets.

There’s no hiding our Affinity for coffee, and when it comes to the packaging that holds our precious goods we’re more than ready to get into a heated debate on which brand is truly the best. But if there’s one thing we all agree on aside from the classic “does this smell more like Ethiopia or Colombian blends?” debate, it’s our love for the Verve coffee rebrand.

We delved into this article pretty hard, and we hope that you enjoy it as much as we did (and preferably over a nice cup of La Patepluma pourover).

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