Well Designed

Design is my life. It’s a reason to be.

by Santosh Chawla

Every designer makes sure that they have a chance to take things in, similar to a sponge soaking up ideas and input. Everything we experience is designed, and when you experience well thought out, beautiful design, you gain perspective on what purposeful design is meant to evoke. Behind the object, there is a certain school of thought – a thought that is in many ways the combination of function and aesthetics. Function and emotion, function and experience; this is what design is all about.

In my experience, being surrounded by good design may not make you happier, but it can make things easier. Good design is not just beauty, but rather something that functions beautifully and adds purpose, which in turn seamlessly improves your life.

This principle is embedded within everything I stand for as a designer, and I’ve found five examples that reinforces the power of purposeful design.


by Function and Esthetics

This first example perfectly illustrates the point that design can be pure, free of superfluous ornamentation. Function and Esthetics brings this minimalism approach to their watches through a more rigorous focus on typefaces, efficient case design, and a balance between functionality and looks. Simply put – the Nomos Tangente embodies the Bauhaus ethos to a tee.

Monument Valley

by Impossible Geometry

I am mesmerized every time I play this game. The reason being is that it was created in an isometric view, which catches the human eye off guard. The game itself is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Function meets design through the gorgeous, pastel buildings and vistas (a true sight to behold – especially for those playing on some of the newer smartphone screens). The functionality comes in where the game relies on the player to manipulate the landscape to advance – something that would make M.C. Escher green with envy.

Less and More

by The Design Ethos of Dieter Ram

The poster child of bauhaus / form follows function design mantra is “Dieter Rams.” This is a book in which the visual appeal is as enjoyable as the content itself. Flipping through the pages, you can instantly get a sense of Rams design ethos. The book goes on to demonstrate how simple, accessible, straight-forward and powerful purposeful design can be.

Color Factory

This interactive exhibit was like being teleported into a brand new Roald Dahl novel called ’Charlie and the Color Factory.’ A true visual menagerie of color in all shapes and forms, this experience is a fantastical visualization of how reality can evoke an array of emotions – simply through the use of design and color. The tour for the Bay Area exhibit has ended, but this is a must see if and when it returns.

HIBIKI Suntory Whiskey

Japanese Harmony

This is the good stuff. I’m talking about the juice inside the bottle (and yes, the package is nice as well). Any special occasion calls for some Hibiki, and while the 17-year-old whiskey might be the nectar of the gods a well crafted product like the Harmony blend creates a delicious and unique experience that holds true to the brand name and promise. Another example of how something that’s designed with purpose can be beautiful both inside and out.

These are just a few examples that speak to me as a designer. They provide inspiration for what I value in my day to day and the variety of projects that I help bring to life through purposeful design.

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