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Affinity Says “Can Do” for SABÉ Pre-Mixed Cocktails


With the success of the SABÉ core line, Affinity was tasked with an encore assignment. Creating a line of convenient, premixed cocktails that are all-natural, gluten-free, and appeal to consumers seeking a premium ready-to-drink adult beverage.


We delivered a sophisticated, stylish, and modern image while building brand equity and communicating flavor appeal. The clean, contemporary design and sans-serif typography combine with a detailed background pattern for a crisp, premium feel. The use of a muted yet appetizing color palette suggests stylish refreshment while differentiating between the various cocktail offerings.


What types of alcohol does it take to create a delicious cultural concoction? Or, perhaps a better question, what could the world’s first sake-infused tequila look like? Our challenge: visualize East meets West, and then head South of the Border.

Affinity studied a range of sake, vodka, and tequila packages and merged elements from all three categories to create a stunning, one of a kind label, bottle, and closure that is as intriguing as the liquid that lies within. The result is a package that demands a second look—it begs the question, “what is that?” The black, silver, and gold palette instantly communicates a super-premium positioning, while the proprietary typography that creates the brandmark hints at the exotic nature of this unique beverage.

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